from Rua Bonita to Casa Feliz


Casa Feliz means “happy house” in Portuguese. It is such a happy house that the experienced investors from Portugal, known in Kraków e.g. for their housing estate project of Rua Bonita in ul. Śliczna in Kraków, and also the newly constructed Porto Office office complex, located in the Dębniki district  ( in Kraków, want to build in Żabiniec in Kraków.

With such an attractive location, this housing development has it all: it is close to the city centre, well-communicated with other city districts, offers numerous service facilities, as well as exceptional peace and quiet. All this makes it a perfect place to live.

The investment is carried out in cooperation with experienced and reliable partners — Wizja Architect Design Office, Chemobudowa Kraków S.A. as a general contractor, and DEKRA Construction Manage-ment Sp. z o.o. 

Casa Feliz Stage 1 comprises of finished apartments located in buildings No: 69 and 71. The construction begun in July 2014 and the completion was reached according to the plan, in the fourth  quarter of 2015 (the permit for use became legally valid on 14 December 2015). The construction of Stage 2, comprising of buildings No: 73 and 75 begun in the second quarter of 2015 and its completion was reached in September 2016. The newest stages of the investment will be completed in the third quarter of 2017 (Stage 3), the first quarter of 2018 (Stage 4) and the fourth quarter of 2017 (Stage 5).

architecture designed especially for You

This modern project is so attractive because of its elegant simplicity, smoothly combined with resident-friendly functional solutions. Thanks to the south-facing yards, there is a lot of light and sun inside the development. They are designed as full of green “urban parks”. In summer they will protect the residents from extremely high temperatures, overexposure to sunlight, and overheating of the rooms. In the fall and winter, when the leaves have fallen, sun beams will have easy access to the interiors.

Stage III consists of a building comprised of two sections differentiated by the number of floors. Its simple, yet modern silhouette, the white colour of the building’s facade and interestingly designed timber elements will correspond well with the buildings constructed as Stages I and II. Thanks to the favourable exposure and lie of the land, all apartments will be very well lit with natural light. Also the window views will be surprising, when we consider the inner city location of the complex – vast expanses of green areas, grasslands and garden surrounding the entire building. The residents will have a choice between the underground garage and the aboveground parking located under the building. The design also envisages the completion of the children’s playground for the youngest residents; the playground will be equipped with the safe and certified play equipment.

All apartments have access to numerous balconies and terraces. Wooden and partly openwork enclosures of the balconies bring an individual character to the buildings, and, contrasting with the light plasterwork on the walls, bring the memories of a modern Scandinavian architecture. Casa Feliz is an inviting residential complex, to which the people want to come back to.

For the apartments in the ground floor section there are special private terraces and little green yards, located over the level of widely accessible communication paths. Greenery is an important element of the housing development architecture. The plans are to create recreation areas with lawns and bushes for the residents.   

apartments which will make you feel home

Structure of the apartments differs both when it comes to their size and functional plan. Building construction allows to arrange them freely according to the individual taste, habits, and needs of future residents. Apartments have an access to numerous balconies and terraces, and those located in the ground floor to private green yards located over the level of widely accessible communication paths.

Staircases and short halls are well-lit with daily light, and will be finished to a high standard.

In the underground parking garage there are parking spots for cars, resident storage rooms, and technical rooms. Slab and column construction of the buildings allows to avoid using binding joists and to freely connect individual apartments. Building’s structure is based on ceilings and walls of reinforced concrete, with both internal and external construction walls filled with clay masonry units.

The following utility instalments in the buildings have been designed: central heating, cold and hot water, sanitary sewage system, storm water drainage, mechanical ventilation, and teletechnical system.

land development

Casa Feliz is a though-out concept of housing development, designed as a modern and functional complex. Stage I of investment consists of two 6-story apartment buildings with 164 apartments, located in parcels no. 737 of Krowodrza geological section 44.

Stage II comprises of two, 6 storey residential buildings (evidence numbers 73 and 75), consisting jointly 112 residential apartments, located on plot No: 657/2; 

Stage III will consist of one building (evidence number: 79), comprising of 5 and 6 stories, which will be constructed on the plot No: 619/11, district 44 Krowodrza. The building will house 74 apartments of various floor areas – beginning with 24m2 cosy bedsitters, to spacious, 114m2 penthouse apartments.

Stage IV will consists of two buildings (evidence number: 81 and 83) which will be constructed on the plot No 619/13 rev. 44 Krowodrza. Every building will house 72 apartments of various floor areas and the 2 commercial premises on the ground floor.

Stage V comprises of 6 storey residential building (evidence numbers 77) with 72 apartments from 34 to 71 sq. m.