standard of finishing

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residential units

Casa Feliz includes 164 apartments in stage I, 112 apartments in stage II, 74 apartments in stage III, 144 apartments in stage IV, 72 apartments in stage V, 144 apartments in stage VI and 143 apartments in stage VII. All apartments have an access to numerous balconies and ter-races. Wooden and partly openwork enclosures of the balconies bring an individual character to the build-ings, and, contrasting with the light plasterwork on the walls, bring the memories of a modern Scandina-vian architecture. It’s a warm house, where everybody is happy to be back to.

For the apartments in the ground floor section there are special private terraces and little green yards, located over the level of widely accessible communication paths. Greenery is an important element of the housing development architecture. The plans are to create recreation areas with lawns and bushes for the residents.

the building

Casa Feliz is a well thought out concept of the apartment complex, modernly and functionally designed. The planned investment comprises of:

- Stage I comprises of two residential buildings (evidence numbers 69 and 71); both buildings comprising of 6 floors, and  164 residential apartments, located on lot 737, district 44 Krowodrza;

- Stage II comprises of two, 6 storey residential buildings (evidence numbers 73 and 75), consisting jointly 112 residential apartments, located on lot No: 657/2;

- Stage III will consist of one building (evidence number 79), consisting of 5 and 6 stories, located on lot No: 619/11.

- Stage IV will consist of two buildings (evidence number: 81 and 83) which will be constructed on the plot No 619/13 rev. 44 Krowodrza. Every building will house 72 apartments of various floor areas and the 2 commercial premises on the ground floor.

- Stage V comprises of 6 storey residential building (evidence numbers 77) with 72 apartments from 34 to 71 sq. m.

- Stage VI comprises of two residential buildings (evidence number: 85 and 87) consisting jointly 144 apartments and 4 commercial premises on the ground floor.

- Stage VII comprises of two residential buildings (evidence number: 89 and 91) consisting jointly 143 apartments and 4 commercial premises on the ground floor.

Level -1 will house garage halls, accessible via a roofed ramp. New buildings will have direct access to the Żabiniec Street, however in order to streamline the communication, the residents will be able to use the internal route. It shall make the access easier and eliminate arduous and noisy transit traffic. Apart from garages, the investor also designed adequate number of freely available parking lots.

The whole residential development with the nearby infrastructure of the new housing complex (building, garages, parking spots, recreational areas) has been adjusted for disabled persons, who may also access their own marked parking spots.

surroundings of the building

Residents of Casa Feliz can run all everyday errands in the area. They have access to a wide range of shops and service points nearby, including e.g. grocery stores, chemistries, specialised health care centre, doctors’ offices, dental care offices, children care centres, a church, and even a specialised pet store with a beauty salon.